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Writers Without Readers

We’d like to make it perfectly clear that readers are special people. They’re intelligent. They can be sexy. They might be eccentric. They’re likely to be introverts. Many of them are women, and—most important—writers need readers because the book market is a reader’s market with, as we understand it, over 2,000 books on average published each day in the US alone. Sadly, the number of readers in the world is not growing; it’s dwindling, and this condition has us concerned as writers. Who will understand us? Who will support us? Who will help keep our language rich? Who will review our books for free? Will the loss of readers affect the general intelligence of our society?


Here at Gothlick, we’re feeling like polar bears on melting ice caps, but unlike the unfortunate polar bears, there’s something we can do. We can produce books to the best of our abilities, and we can contribute to promoting the joy of reading. Gothlick is a fledgling indie book publisher with the goal of celebrating and encouraging readers. We are grateful to you for visiting our site. Thank you.